Don't Forget About Your Baseboards

Give your home a finished looked by installing new baseboards

You might not think that baseboards add much value to your home, but they're actually crucial for giving your house a polished and finished look. When you update your home, don't forget to update your baseboards, too.

On the Move Flooring Installation offers high-quality baseboard installation services. We can customize your new baseboards to match the style of your home. Plus, we'll install them quickly so that you can start enjoying your newly updated house faster.

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Discover our different baseboard options

At On the Move Flooring Installation, we have the expertise and resources to install a variety of baseboards. We work with:

  • Step baseboards: A popular choice that features a beveled top that creates almost a step effect. They're considered both budget-friendly and a stylish.
  • Flat baseboards: An economical choice that's best suited for high-traffic areas or utility rooms. They feature a flat front facing board and a beveled edge that meets the wall.
  • Sculpted baseboards: An ornate and stylish option with several designs that you can custom-fit to your walls. They're often taller and thicker than traditional baseboards, making them stand out more.

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